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The fouder We are pleased to tell you how Awudome African Arts Mall came to existence. This organization is comprised of arts and craft expects from various parts of Africa some reside here in the United State and others are in overseas. The founder Bobby France currently reside in USA, he was born in Accra - Ghana and spent his childhood in Awudome Estates a suburb of Accra. While in Ghana he explored in many Ghanaian and African cultures. His studies empowered him to translate the meaning of most African arts and crafts as well as their artifacts. His intention is to spread the true meaning of African arts and crafts to the world and also to provide services to interested individuals or organizations who are willing to embrace the culture. While in the US, Bobby has held couple of seminars and many other events spreading the culture. Many of his participants have developed overwhelming interest in African cultures and that lead to the founding of Awudome African Arts Mall.
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